Lost in Translation (2003)

Lost in Translation (2003)
Running Time: 101 minutes


Directed & Written by: Sofia Coppola
Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Anna Faris, Giovanni Ribisi

Lost in Translation is a dramedy that focuses on two people who is somewhat lost with what to do with their lives. Bob Harris (Murray), an ageing American movie star arrives in Tokyo to film an advert for Suntory whisky. There he meets Charlotte (Johansson), a recent college graduate who is mostly left alone in her hotel room by her husband, John (Ribisi), a celebrity photographer who is on assignment in Tokyo. Bob feels tired from his 25-year marriage as he goes through a midlife crisis, while Charlotte feels dispassionate about her marriage and unsure about her own future. The two share their uncertainties with life as they navigate their way around the foreign city and culture.

Credit: Focus Features

It took me long to get around to watching this film, and it’s great. If I would’ve seen this years earlier, I would’ve most likely not be able to appreciate it fully. A beautifully shot film, with cinematography that not only manages to bring out the emotions and tone of the film, but also showcase snippets of Tokyo and the colourful Japanese culture. Johansson and Murray, both gave amazing performances that were both heart-wrenching and hilarious.

Sofia Coppola not only did a fantastic job as a director with the film, but also created a beautiful and heartfelt script, sprinkled with some comedic moments of being in an unfamiliar city and culture. I could now see why this movie will stand the test of time since the content is so relatable and it’s an overall beautiful film.

All in all, Lost in Translation is a captivating film from the first scene till the last, with a somewhat honest view on life and relationships, while still manages to crack the audiences up.

Rating: 7 1/2 out of 10


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