Barry Sonnenfeld on Directing


Happy 63rd Birthday Barry Sonnenfeld! (1st April 1953)

“Every question is important, and every question deserves a specific answer from the director. No one, from the prop guy to the actors, wants the director to say, “I don’t care…you decide.” One of the biggest jobs of a director is to decide on a tone and to keep it consistent. That tone is created and sustained by answering millions of boring questions: what color do you want the file folder? What car is he driving? Who are we casting? How big should the gun be? How loud should the gun be? How loud should the explosion be? Who should be in the frame? Should we go to lunch or go into meal penalty to finish this angle? They’re all equally important. And they all have to be answered by the director.”

— Barry Sonnenfeld, American director, producer and cinematographer known for his work such as The Addams Family, Wild Wild West, Men in Black trilogy, and Pushing Daisies’ pilot.

Quote taken from this interview.


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