Lee Pace on Acting

Credit: MJ Kim

Happy 37th Birthday Lee Pace! (25th March 1979)

“It’s the best when the character is far from you, when you get to squeeze your foot into an ill-fitting shoe. My brief career has been plagued by diverse cast of people: a transsexual woman in Soldier’s Girl, a Serbian rapist in Craig Lucas’s Small Tragedy and most recently one of the WASPs who started the CIA in The Good Shepherd. You force yourself to move differently, speak differently. You trick yourself into a new way of thinking. For a time, you get lost in another man’s reality which, most likely, will be fraught with tension and emotion. Isn’t that the mythology of acting? Transformation? The humbling reality is . . . it’s just me. My voice, my thoughts. The character is provocation and interpretation. Behind the makeup and the tits, that’s my heart breaking. Behind the beard and the accent, that’s me behaving like a monster. It’s painful, vulnerable… and I love it.”

— Lee Pace, American actor known for his work in The Fall, The Hobbit series, Pushing Daisies, and Halt and Catch Fire.

Quote taken from here.


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