Nice Guy Johnny (2010)

Nice Guy Johnny (2010)
Running Time: 89 minutes

Credit: MRG Productions

Directed & Written by: Edward Burns
Starring: Matt Bush, Kerry Bishe, Edward Burns, Anna Wood

Nice Guy Johnny is an indie comedy with a dash romance about Johnny Rizzo (Bush) who embarks on a weekend trip to New York for a job interview set up by his fiancee, Claire (Wood). There he meets up with his Uncle Terry (Burns), a womanizer who is convinced that a weekend in the Hamptons will be a good eye-opener for his nephew before his wedding and making a life-altering decision to trade in his dream job as a sportscaster on the radio. Unexpectedly, Johnny meets the lovely Brooke (Bishe) who challenges Johnny to reevaluate where his life is leading.

Credit: MRG Productions

Have you ever stumbled across a movie that is just meant for you to watch at a time in you life where you needed it the most? Nice Guy Johnny is exactly that for me. It’s a casual indie flick with a dash of light comedy and romance, yet it resonates with me more than I ever thought it would prior to watching it. It’s quite a hard film to track down but fortunately I managed to. Edward Burns as usual did a wonderful job with the writing and directing of this film with an extremely tight budget and limited cast. Unlike his other films, it has less of a Woody Allen vibe which enables the audience to see more of Burns’ directing and writing style. Matt Bush gave a convincing performance as a 25-year-old on the brink of making some major life decisions. Meanwhile, the beautiful Kerry Bishe delivered an effortless performance as the easy-going tennis instructor and basically stole every scene she’s in. It is no surprise that Burns has since recruited Bishe for most of his projects.

I also have to add that the soundtrack for the film is on point, highlighting the emotion of each scene perfectly. Well done, PT Walkley! If anyone’s interested, here‘s some of the songs from the soundtrack.

Overall, Nice Guy Johnny is a simple film about a young man’s realization of what’s important in life. Highly recommend it to anyone in search for a light indie film.

Rating: 7 out of 10


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