Possession (2008)

Possession (2008)
Running Time: 85 minutes

Credit: Yari Film Group Releasing

Directed by: Joel Bergvall & Simon Sandquist
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lee Pace, Michael Landes, Tuva Novotny

Possession is an American remake of the South Korean thriller, Addicted. In this remake, Jess (Gellar), a lawyer is married to an artist and loving husband, Ryan (Landes). However, Jess is terrified by Ryan’s younger brother/ex-con, Roman (Pace) since she met Ryan through Roman when she represented him in court on an aggravated assault charge. Jess’ world is then turned upside down when both Ryan and Roman are involved in an automobile accident, causing both to be in a coma. Eventually, Roman awakes believing that he is Ryan. Jess is now left to deal with the possibility that her husband may not recover from the coma and that his soul is inhabiting the body of his younger brother.

Credit: Yari Film Group Releasing

Before I continue with the review, I would just like to warn you that there might be some spoilers ahead. So here goes. With such a premise, Possession seem like a promising film, however after the first few minutes in, the film simply flat-lined with its lackluster plot, somewhat messy timeline, and a predictable and (sort of) happy ending. The constant use of ominous music to set the mood and masquerading the film with a hint of horror, only ended up creating the opposite effect. I then turned to the alternate ending (which is approximately 30 minutes long) on the DVD and found it to be a lot more satisfying and has a smoother story line that helps explains a few things about the characters and the timeline. Why the filmmakers went with the original ending, I’ve not a clue.

The only good thing that came out of this film, frankly, is the casting. Both Gellar and Pace gave solid performances with the subtlety that humanizes their individual characters. Landes and Novotny, both gave convincing performances as the supporting cast. Personally, I would have wished that there would be more scenes with some of the supporting cast, for instance Jess’ colleague, and the psychiatrist, just to add an extra layer to the story and help with the development of the main character. In addition, it would have been nice to see a little backstory between Roman and Jess in court, leading to her meeting Ryan.

Overall, Possession is a psychological thriller with a premise that has lots of possibilities, but ended with a film that simply disappoints. Give it a try if you’re a fan of either Gellar or Pace, or else I would suggest for you to skip this flick entirely.

Rating: 4 out of 10



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