Third Star (2010)

Third Star (2010)
Running Time: 92 minutes

Credit: Western Edge Pictures

Directed by: Hattie Dalton
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Burke, JJ Feild, Adam Robertson

Third Star is an indie drama which focuses on four best friends going on a hiking trip to Barafundle Bay. James (Cumberbatch) who just celebrated his 29th birthday is terminally ill with cancer is joined by his three best friends – Davy (Burke), the loyal, kind and responsible friend who has been helping James’ family to take care of him, Bill (Robertson), the fun-loving and energetic friend, and Miles (Feild), the intellectual turned businessman who has been absent from James’ life lately. Over the course of the trip, the four friends bonded more than ever over a touching and comical adventure.

Credit: Western Edge Pictures

Third Star is a captivating and moving story of friendship plus modern day heroism with a sprinkle of comedic moments and existential questions and solid direction from Hattie Dalton (this being her directorial debut for a feature film). I really appreciated the comedic elements in the film which prevented the film from being a straightforward indie drama. Although it is quite a familiar and predictable premise, the ensemble cast became the highlight of the film. The four actors brought their own individual flavor, strength and vulnerability to the film, without this solid casting, the movie most likely would have fallen short. The emotional elements of the film were highlighted by the intimate camera angles and macro shots of various nature and scenic views of Wales. I was especially moved by the underwater scenes which I thought was shot beautifully.

Overall, Third Star is quite a little gem that tells the story of friendship and heroism in a manner which is quite rare these days. Guarantee to tug on your heart strings by the end of the film, this is a must watch for fans of Mr Cumberbatch and indie films.

Rating: 6 1/2 out of 10


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