Rob Reiner on Filmmaking


Happy 69th Birthday Rob Reiner! (6th March 1947)

“When I turned 60 a couple of years ago, I made this movie Bucket List, which is all about embracing life and appreciating life, because it’s so precious. And as you get older, you realize how precious it is. And so I want to make these kinds of films that are uplifting and that embrace life.

My favorite film of all time was It’s a Wonderful Life. And as I’ve gotten older, that film has meant more and more to me, because you know the film, when the angel comes down and shows Jimmy Stewart what his life would have been like had he not been born, and he realizes how his life has touched so many other people’s lives. And so that film, as I’ve gotten older, has meant more and more to me, because the more you realize how precious life is, the more you cherish it.

So I want to make films like that, and this I think falls in that category. It’s certainly a film that parents and grandparents and kids could all go see together and will each get something out of it, and that’s the kind of films I want to make.”

— Rob Reiner, American director, producer, writer and actor with notable films such as Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally…, A Few Good Men, and The Story of Us.

Quote from HERE.


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