Decoding Annie Parker (2013)

Decoding Annie Parker (2013)
Running Time: 91 minutes

Photo Credit: Entertainment One Films
Photo Credit: Entertainment One Films

Directed by: Steven Bernstein
Starring: Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul, Helen Hunt, Alice Eve

Decoding Annie Parker is an indie drama film that is based on the true story of cancer survivor, Annie Parker and the search for the cure for cancer. Annie Parker (Morton) is diagnosed with breast cancer, just like her late mother and sister. During her battle with cancer, she begins to delve into the world of cancer research. Meanwhile, Dr Marie-Claire King (Hunt) and her team is embarking on a crusade to uncover the genetic roots of breast cancer.

The film is a simple, raw and inspiring film about a woman’s journey and fight against breast cancer, as well as a team of researchers’ determination to find a genetic link in breast cancer. The film was beautifully narrated and acted by Samantha Morton as the lead, Annie Parker. Her performance was not only convincing but also delicately captured and heartbreaking to watch at moments. Morton is truly one of the gems in the acting world. Aaron Paul’s portrayal of Parker’s partner was solid but the chemistry between Paul and Morton was lacking.

Photo Credit: Entertainment One Films
Photo Credit: Entertainment One Films

What was so great about the film was its realistic portrayal of how strong is the human spirit when times are bad. Intertwined with Annie’s life story were Dr King and her team’s determination and work in breast cancer research, hence giving the film a bit more edge and creating further awareness about breast cancer.

Overall, it was a great film in creating awareness about breast cancer, and an inspiring story of a woman’s journey and battle against the disease.

Rating: 7 out of 10


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