Shameless (US) (TV) (2014)

Shameless – TV Series (Season 4)

Running Time: 46 minutes per episode

Photo Credit: Showtime
Photo Credit: Showtime

Created by: Paul Abbott & John Wells

Starring: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kenney

Shameless Season 4 focused once again on the dysfunctionality of the Gallagher family, where this time around Fiona (Rossum) is seen with a stable job, a new boyfriend, her boss, Mike Pratt (McDorman). Lip (White) on the other hand is struggling to keep up at college, whilst Debbie (Kenney) and Carl (Cutkosky) are growing up and discovering about love. Meanwhile, Frank’s medical condition is gradually worsening, and for the first time ever, Frank has to come to terms with mortality. Kevin (Howey) and Veronica (Fisher) are trying to find ways to sustain as their family expands.

I have to say after being an avid fan of Shameless since its first season, I was surprised at how the show manage to keep its audience once again at the edge of their seats week after week as the story and drama unfolds. Since Season 1, this will have to be my favourite season by far! The antics had been toned down much more since the last 2 seasons, instead the characters are seen to be dealing with more serious issues such as mortality, addiction, failure, love, choices, risks, and the list is endless. I think that may be the main reason why I fell so much more in love with this show than previous seasons, it managed to bring both the drama needed for such a show, but with such realism that you just can’t help but root for the main characters throughout the season. After 4 years, it is not difficult to feel attach to the characters, and constantly hoping they’ll make the wiser decisions. The season was filled with endless moments that would touch the audience’s heartstrings. The writers have really outdone themselves this time. Kudos!

Photo Credit: Showtime
Photo Credit: Showtime

The cinematography and locations for this season was breathtaking, there are moments where all you want to do is pause the show just to absorb the situation. Every angle was well thought out to ensure that the emotions of each scene are portrayed well. The cast did an amazing job this season, they were up to par with the script. I was especially amazed by Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kenney, Ethan Cutkosky, Noel Fisher’s performance throughout the season. In addition, there were several supporting cast members that were hard to ignore, like Jake McDorman as Fiona’s boss and lover, Mike, Nick Gehlfuss as Robbie Pratt, James Allen McCune as Matty Baker, Debbie’s love interest, Morgan Lily as Bonnie, Carl’s love interest, and last but not least Emily Bergl as Sammi.

Last but not least, I would like to point out the music choice for this season. It had been a mini treasure throughout the show, each song fit the every moment of the show perfectly. It doesn’t only complement the scenes, but it helped brought out the emotions of the characters, of the situation. Overall, it had been an amazing season. Truly a gem. Without spoiling the season to those who haven’t seen it yet, I truly cannot wait for what they have installed for the next season.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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