Look for a Star (2009)

Look for a Star (2009)
Running Time: 117 minutes

Photo Credit: Media Asia Distribution
Photo Credit: Media Asia Distribution

Directed by: Andrew Lau
Starring: Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho, Lam Ka Wah

Sam Ching (Lau) is a successful businessman who falls for a cabaret dancer and part-time Baccarat dealer, Milan (Qi) at a Macau casino. The mismatched couple soon makes headline in the media and Milan has to decide whether she wants to live the rest of her life with Sam. Meanwhile, Sam’s co-workers and close friends, Jo (Ho) and Tim (Lam) both meet their own love interest and they have to decide whether it is the right move to proceed with the relationships, overlooking the differences between them and their partners.

Photo Credit: Media Asia Distribution
Photo Credit: Media Asia Distribution

What was so great about this borderline cliché storyline is the realism that the writers brought to the various modern love stories in the film. All of them revolved around the idea of money and love, and society’s outlook on when a working class individual falls is dating a rich individual. How love just shows up when we least expect it, how one falls in love, how one decides whether the other is the one, and whether one would follow their heart. The actors, especially the main cast did a wonderful job in expressing the emotions that the characters were going through. There was also a great supporting cast and guest appearances by some of the Hong Kong film industry’s greatest such as George Lam, Maria Cordero and John Chiang.

The cinematography was a little bit strange at moments. The shakiness and twirling around of camera as its shooting the night lights was little bit excessive and unnecessary at moments. Aside from that, the angles chosen were fine. Overall, the film was enjoyable to watch, with moments that would tug on your heartstrings. I would recommend this to those who are fans of Andy Lau, or simply in need for a modern-day love story.

Rating: 6 out of 10


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