Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2011)

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2011)
Running Time: 115 minutes

Photo Credit: Media Asia Distributions
Photo Credit: Media Asia Distributions

Directed by: Johnnie To
Starring: Yuanyuan Gao, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is a Hong Kong-Chinese romantic comedy that tells the tale of  Chi Yan (Gao) who is an analyst who is hung up on her ex-boyfriend. Then, she meets Sean (Koo), a CEO of a firm who works at the building opposite Chi Yan’s. He liked Chi Yan for quite some time and began a courtship with Chi Yan. At the same time, Chi Yan meets an alcoholic architect, Kevin (Wu) and together they helped each other through their difficult times. Kevin find himself fallen in love with Chi Yan and decided to pick himself up and restart his career again. With both guys courting her, Chi Yan must choose between Sean, the playboy or the sweetheart, Kevin.

After 20 minutes into the film, I realized though the film is quite original in the Chinese film industry, it immediately reminded me of the funny British rom-com, Bridget Jones Diary – a girl with a dilemma of choosing between two guys, one a player and the other a sweetheart. It was almost similar but this film had its own added twists and a Hong Kong/Chinese culture and flair. To a certain degree, this film was like an adaptation of Bridget Jones. There were also a few scenes that seemed like they were inspired by films such as Benny & Joon,.  Nevertheless, the storyline is refreshing from the usual chick flicks that were being released the last few years.

Photo Credit: Media Asia Distributions
Photo Credit: Media Asia Distributions

The main actors delivered a convincing performance as their respective characters. The casting agent did a great job by picking the actors whom suited the personalities of the characters well. One the other hand, the editing and cinematography was nothing spectacular but it was mediocre and met its requirement of a decent film. Overall, it was an enjoyable film, with a great cast, and a great storyline. Recommended to those who are fans of Bridget Jones or just in need of a good chick flick to pass time.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10


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