Firestorm (2013)

Firestorm (2013)
Running Time: 118 minutes

Directed by: Alan Yuen
Starring: Andy Lau, Lam Ka Tung, Yao Chen, Philip Keung

Photo Credit: Edko Films
Photo Credit: Edko Films

Firestorm follows a senior police inspector, Lui Ming Chit (Lau) who has been chasing after the notorious mastermind, Cho Nam (Ho). However, after using all his usual police tactics, Lui realizes these tactics are useless against the seasoned criminals and this forces Lui to cross his own moral boundaries in order to solve the crimes. Meanwhile, To Sing Pong (Lam), an ex-con who is desperate to leave his criminal past behind, volunteers to be Lui’s informant in exchange for a fresh start with his girlfriend, Yin Bing (Chen). But how far is Lui willing to go in order to put these criminals behind bars?

The storyline wasn’t that much different from that of the recent Hong Kong cop vs. gangster films, you have the experienced cop that’s good at what he does, almost perfect, until he meets the one and only enemy that seems impossible to defeat. So, with a storyline that seemed overused or familiar, the only thing that I thought the writer tried to spice it up is the complexity of the characters. There was a focus on the characters rather than the plot of the story. How desperation and/or love could change just about anyone. I think that was about the only thing that kept me watching.

Photo Credit: Edko Films
Photo Credit: Edko Films

However, one of the other biggest issues I have with the film is the CGI, it was simply overused at moments, especially with the gunfight scenes, the gunshots looked almost like the laser shots on Star Wars, and frankly it was quite disappointing and put-off to watch. Overall, the direction and editing was relatively well done. The main characters stood out pretty well, with veterans such as Andy Lau, Lam Ka Tung and Philip Keung to carry the movie. Specifically I was impressed with Keung’s portrayal of a mole who simply wants the best for his daughter and tries hard to ensure that they survive financially.

Overall, a mediocre Hong Kong cop film, with the exception of some character study.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10


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