About Time (2013)

About Time (2013)
Running Time: 123 minutes

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Directed by: Richard Curtis
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lydia Wilson

Tim Lake (Gleeson) discovers that he has the ability to travel through time when he turns 21. Tim can’t change history, but he is able to change what happens and has happened in his own life, and he uses the ability to find his true love. After moving to London to train as a lawyer, Tim meets Mary (McAdams) and falls in love with her. Tim then uses his power to make his world a better and happier place.

It started off like your average romantic comedy, but as the movie progresses, I find myself surprised by the realism of the characters and the moments they share. The storyline was in some ways describes perfectly the moments when two people meet for the first time, the honeymoon phase of couples, the in some ways dysfunctional family, and so on. The film also makes you question in the end, the way we take our lives for granted, and how we can change certain moments in our lives if we too have this ability to travel through time, and how we should cherish the present moments.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

The characters were lovable, interesting and definitely captivating, especially the lead character/narrator, Tim played by the talented Domhnall Gleeson. You just couldn’t help but fall in love with him and the remaining characters, especially Bill Nighy’s portrayal of the quirky dad, and Tom Hollander’s take on Harry, the cynical screenwriter.

Once again, I find myself sucked into a whole new world by Richard Curtis’ filmmaking skills to bring the screen and story to life. The moments captured reminded me of the random daily moments we go through, and how we don’t pay much attention to them, and how fleeting our days could be. I was once again in awe by Curtis’ ability to portray the raw-ness of various emotions that the characters were going through by a simple daily setting, without over-dramatizing it or with many effects.

All in all, it was a wonderful film, that makes you want to call your loved ones the moment the credits roll. It’s definitely in par with Curtis’ previous films such as Love Actually and Notting Hill, so for those who are fans of Richard Curtis’ work, make sure you catch this film. For those who loves a good rom-com, or just a meaningful film filled with ups and downs, be sure to watch this.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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