Disconnect (2012)

Disconnect (2012)
Running Time: 115 minutes

Photo Credit: LD Entertainment
Photo Credit: LD Entertainment

Directed by: Henry Alex Rubin
Starring: Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgard, Frank Grillo, Paula Patton

Disconnect is a dramatic thriller that follows three different stories – a hard-working lawyer trying to figure out who cyber-bullied his son, an ambitious journalist who is looking for a career-breaking story, and a couple who is stuck in a tight situation after all their secrets are exposed online – in a world where we are all connected through technology.

Photo Credit: LD Entertainment
Photo Credit: LD Entertainment

This film reminded me of 2004’s Crash, where various stories are intricately linked through one common theme, in this case how technology alienates us instead of bring everyone together. With a stellar cast, from adults to teen actors, the message was brought to life by the ensemble without much struggle. The cinematography helped made the scenes more riveting and compelling to watch. In specific there’s a slow-motion scene towards the end that really showcased the talents of the cinematographer. The storyline isn’t hard to follow or understand, since it is so applicable to today’s world with the internet, social media websites, etc. I thought the characters that were created, each had their own role that helps drive the story forward and make audiences relate to them easily. Lastly, the soundtrack of the film helped wrapped the story tighter and brings out the emotions of the characters and scenes.

Overall, Disconnect is film that will make you think about the consequences of one’s action, and how the technology has changed the world for the better and even for the worse. It makes you question whether it truly brings people together or make people drift apart from one another, and how we take life and the people around us for granted that we sometimes forget what truly is important to us, and how much we all crave for physical human contact, love and acceptance. Also, noteworthy is the ensemble, the beautifully shot scenes, the well-written storylines and good music.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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