As Cool as I Am (2013)

As Cool as I Am (2013)
Running Time: 93 minutes

Photo Credit: IFC Films
Photo Credit: IFC Films

Directed by: Max Mayer
Starring: Sarah Bolger, James Marsden, Claire Danes, Thomas Mann

The film’s protagonist, Lucy (Bolger) is a self-confessed tomboy who gets along well with her father (Marsden) but is frequently away from home when he works, while her relationship with her mother (Danes) is less affectionate and more easy-going. As Lucy turns 16, things start to change around her, when boys start to notice her, and her parents’ marriage is not as perfect as she had imagined. And so, Lucy begins on her journey of understanding herself and the world, boys, her parents, and what she wants from life.

Photo Credit: IFC Films
Photo Credit: IFC Films

The relatively short drama was quite plain and just sort of drifts by the moment it started. It wasn’t that the movie was bad to watch, there is an enjoyable quality to it, but it wasn’t enough to hold my attention throughout. The thing that appealed to me from the movie is how easy it was to relate to Lucy’s situation. It focused a lot on the time when one was a teenager, wondering what things meant, and just doing what one wants, without thinking too much about its consequences. Besides that, the actors, especially Bolger I thought delivered a solid performance as a confused and lost teenager. I was quite sad that Marsden did not have more screen time, he seemed to have locked into the character quite easily, and I thought the relationship between Lucy and her father was quite interesting and would have worth exploring. The soundtrack was the other thing about the film that stood out for me, it mainly had indie bands which fitted the story well.

Overall, it was a mediocre film, with a good cast, but no one in particular stood out due to various characters’ screen time, except for Bolger. Recommended to those who are looking for films about the confusion or thoughts that teenagers go through.

Rating: 5 out of 10


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