Red Dragon (2002)

Red Dragon (2002)
Running Time: 119 minutes

Photo Credits: Universal Pictures
Photo Credits: Universal Pictures

Directed by: Brett Ratner
Starring: Edward Norton, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Kietel

Red Dragon is the third installment of the Hannibal series, and this time the story begins back in the day, when Lecter (Hopkins) was just captured by the police and jailed in Baltimore. His crimes are figured out by Special Agent Will Graham (Norton) who have the ability to put himself in the shoes of the criminals. After the incident with Lecter, Graham retires from the forces until another serial killer emerges. This time the press calls him The Tooth Fairy, and after killing two families, Jack Crawford (Keitel) requests for Graham’s help to solve the case.

Photo Credits: Universal Pictures
Photo Credits: Universal Pictures

The installment by far is my second favourite after Silence of the Lambs. It is also by far the only film with such caliber of actors from Norton to Hopkins to Keitel to Fiennes to Watson and they all delivered an amazing performance, I was especially taken away by Fiennes’ portrayal of the Tooth Fairy. He managed to bring not only the insane, scary serial killer side but also the softer, misunderstood side of the character. Emily Watson was just right for the role of the blind love interest, Reba. Hopkins this time was still as menacing as the previous films, and Norton gave a solid performance as Will Graham. The storyline of the film was riveting and from the start till the end of the film, it managed to maintain the attention of the audience and kept it moving without boring people halfway. I loved what Brett Ratner did with the film, there were at moments I felt he recaptured the moments from Silence of the Lambs, but with his own added twists to it.

Overall, it was a good film. A must-see for all Hannibal fans. Not as gruesome as Hannibal, but around the same par as Silence.

Rating: 7 ½ out of 10


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