The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (2013)
Running Time: 112 minutes

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Directed by: James Wan
Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston

The Conjuring is based on a true story of a haunting that took place in the 70s to the Perron family. Like most horror movies, it starts off with the Perrons moving into a new house, and strange things start happening around them. After not being able to handle the stress and nightmare, the Perrons seek the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren. After investigating the case, the Warrens discover that the house has a dark history, and this darkness is now targeting the Perron family. Together with the Warrens, the Perron family must find a way to defeat the evil from the house.

As a fan of James Wan’s films, I was pretty excited about this one when it received positive ratings and reviews internationally. The film demonstrated a fair amount of scenes that were iconic of Wan’s style. What I really loved about the film was the way Wan decided to shoot the film, especially with the angles; it reminded me of the classic Hollywood horror films, such as The Exorcist or Rosemary’s Baby. The cinematography was spot-on, and I thought the sound effect for the film was perfect to help create suspenseful and horrific scenes. The actors were well-casted; in particular I was very impressed with Lili Taylor who portrayed Carolyn Perron, the mother of the Perron family. Her performance was convincing and not dramatically over-exaggerated that it made the scenes a joke. Moreover, the actors who played the children of the family, Shanley Caswell (Detention), Hayley McFarland (Lie to Me), Joey King (The Dark Knight Rises), Mackenzie Foy (Twilight: Breaking Dawn), and Kyla Deaver did a wonderful job.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Furthermore, I thought the soundtrack was simple and somewhat hauntingly menacing which reminded me of Insidious. It was brilliant for the film. The storyline was simple, and easy to follow. There were moments at the end where I thought maybe it’s too simple, but that’s what’s different from the other horror films. It doesn’t need a grand epic ending to define the movie’s greatness, the scenes that built up to the ending were what made the film great. One last thing that I really did love about the film is the visual effects that they’ve used which are old-school style, and as mentioned previously, this reminded me of all the classic horror films, that you don’t need CGI effects to create an impressive or believable scary scene, all you need is how you play around with the camera angles, the makeup on the characters have to be realistic, the sound effects, and basically just using real people and objects, instead of CGI as the ghost or paranormal activity.

Overall, I highly recommend this film to anyone who wants a scare, or are fans of horror movies, especially James Wan’s fans. Try to catch it in the theaters if possible, the sounds and visual really helps with the horror effect. I think Wan and his team have created a horror masterpiece for this year.

Rating: 8 out of 10


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