The Lone Ranger (2013)

The Lone Ranger (2013)
Running Time: 149 minutes

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures

Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner, Tom Wilkinson

Based on the famous radio and TV show, the film is set in the 1930s when the old Tonto (Depp) tells the tale of John Reid (Hammer), the Lone Ranger. As a naïve and idealistic lawyer, Reid joins his brother and fellow Texas Rangers in pursuit of the infamous Butch Cavendish (Fichtner). However, the group is ambushed by the gang of outlaws, and is left for dead. Tonto then rescues Reid, together they join forces to hunt down Cavendish so that justice is served. Reluctantly, Reid becomes a masked rider under the instructions of Tonto, as they set off after Cavendish.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures

After hearing two sides of the story from various sources about the film, I’ve decided to give the film a try and find myself enjoying it more than feeling disappointed. The first thing that got my attention about the film was the cinematography, the vivid colours and textures, the landscape shots, and how they have captured the old western themed shots rather flawlessly. I was sucked into the world immediately. It was fun to watch the gang together again, and when I say gang I mean Verbinski, Elliot, Rossio, Bruckheimer, Depp and Zimmer. It reminded me of the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Armie Hammer was casted well as John Reid with his boyish charm and comedic timings that synced well with Depp’s. Fichtner delivered a believable performance as the heartless Butch Cavendish. However, one of the things that bugged me when watching the film was the casting for Rebecca Reid, and although Ruth Wilson did a good job with the character, something wasn’t quite right whenever there was a scene between her and Hammer. Furthermore, there were several scenes in the film which were rather unnecessary, and these scenes just felt like they were placed there to prolong the film.

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable summer blockbuster with a well-fitted cast, solid storyline, fantastic cinematography and a well-directed film. There were a few hiccups here and there in the film, but these were quickly made up by the other scenes. I would definitely recommend this film for fans of the first Pirates film.

Rating: 6.9 out of 10


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