The Rocker (2008)

The Rocker (2008)
Running Time: 102 minutes

Photo Credit: Fox Atomic
Photo Credit: Fox Atomic

Directed by: Peter Cattaneo
Starring: Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Teddy Geiger, Emma Stone

The Rocker follows Robert “Fish” Fishman, a passionate drummer who is one of the founding members of rock band, Vesuvius. However, after a show, Vesuvius was approached by a record company who is interested in signing the band with only one condition: to get rid of Fish. Twenty years after being kicked out of the band, Fish finds himself in a dead-end office job and when his nephew’s band, A.D.D. is looking for a drummer. Reluctantly, the band – which comprise of lead singer, songwriter, Curtis (Geiger), Amelia the bassist (Stone) and keyboardist, Matt (Gad) – takes him in, and Fish finds himself one step closer to living his dream.

Photo Credit: Fox Atomic
Photo Credit: Fox Atomic

The film is filled with feel-good moments, and endless laughs as we are brought along the ride with Fish and the band, A.D.D. Rainn Wilson was perfect as the passionate, and relentless drummer. Teddy Geiger whom is known more for his singing, was adorable as the band’s frontman, trying to figure out love. Emma Stone had some pretty funny lines as the emo, rocker girl. In a supporting role, Josh Gad plays Fish’s nephew and the nerdy keyboardist of the band. The cast  comprised of mainly comedians and quite a few SNL members, from Jason Sudeikis as the band’s manager, Will Arnett, Fred Armisen and Bradley Cooper as the band members of Vesuvius, Jane Lynch as Fish’s sister, and Jeff Garlin as the Fish’s awkward yet supportive brother-in-law. Furthermore, the music for the film was definitely rocking.

All in all, it was a simple and enjoyable film. Solely created to make people laugh and just have a good time while watching it.

Rating: 6 out of 10


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