The Giant Mechanical Man (2012)

The Giant Mechanical Man (2012)
Running Time: 94 minutes

Photo Credit: Tribeca Film
Photo Credit: Tribeca Film

Directed by: Lee Kirk
Starring: Jenna Fischer, Chris Messina, Malin Akerman, Topher Grace

The film follows Janice (Fischer) who just lost a job, and is forced to move in with her sister, Jill (Akerman) when she is evicted from her apartment. Meanwhile, Tim (Messina), a devoted street performer just lost his girlfriend, and starts to doubt his act and passion for his performance. As Janice tries to figure out her life, she finds herself working at the zoo, selling merchandises, and there she meets Tim who also ends up at the zoo working as a cleaner.

Photo Credit: Tribeca Film
Photo Credit: Tribeca Film

This film was absolutely lovely to watch. I love the storyline of two “lost” souls, living in the city, trying to figure out their own lives, and not be trapped in the routine that everyone else seems to be in, and being seen. The cinematography was beautifully shot, especially with the cityscapes. The chemistry between the lead characters made the film even more believable. Also, notable performance by Chris Messina as the “Giant Mechanical Man”, especially the facial expressions.

Overall, a very sweet and honest drama/romance film that in some ways reminds people that we are not invisible. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a simple romance film, filled with questions about life.

Rating: 7 out of 10


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