Birds of America (2008)

Birds of America (2008)
Running Time: 85 minutes

Photo Credit: Myriad Pictures
Photo Credit: Myriad Pictures

Directed by: Craig Lucas
Starring: Matthew Perry, Ben Foster, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lauren Graham

Birds of America is an indie drama that centers around a dysfunctional family. Morrie (Perry) is thrown into adulthood when he was just a teenager when his parents died leaving him with a house, an irritable bowel, and two younger siblings, Jay (Foster) and Ida (Goodwin). Twenty years later, Morrie is waiting to get tenure and start a family with his ever supportive wife, Betty (Graham). They constantly have to please their neighbour, who is Morrie’s department head.  Just as things are falling into place, Morrie is informed that Jay is recently injured in a car accident and homeless, while Ida is jobless and sleeps with strangers from time to time. As the siblings slowly turn up at Morrie’s home, the neighbours are feeling uneasy while Betty’s patience is tested by the insanity of the family.

The movie was to me, was quite enjoyable. It’s slow, and the audience is slowly introduced to the quirks and of the characters, their past, and their present day issues. Although, there were several plot lines I would have wished the writer would have explored more in depth, or provide more insight or explanations to the audiences. The main characters, I thought was cast well, led by Matthew Perry. I’ve always loved him in a more serious and dramatic role, which I thought he could always pull off. Ben Foster was amazing as the guy who tries to figure out society, and go against the norms, and captivating from the first shot of him till the last. It was intense and at times funny. Ginnifer Goodwin did a great job as the middle child of the family who can’t seem to quite get her grasp of what she wants. I think the cinematography was beautifully done.

Overall, it’s a nice and slow indie flick. Just wished that some of the storylines were explored or explained more in depth, so that audiences could get a better idea of the characters.

Rating: 5 1/2 out of 10


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