Chinese Zodiac (2012)

Chinese Zodiac (2012)
Running Time: 120 minutes

Photo Credit: Jackie & JJ Productions
Photo Credit: Jackie & JJ Productions

Directed by: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan, Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin, Kwon Sang-woo

Chinese Zodiac begins with a recap of British and French soldiers who looted the Old Summer Palace, and among the treasures stolen are the 12 bronze heads of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. It then jumps to the  present day, where MP Corporation is auctioning some of the bronze heads. However, not all of the bronze heads are in their possession, and JC (Chan) is then hired to find the remaining lost relics. Assisted by his team, Bonnie (Zhang), David (Fan), Simon (Kwon), with additional help from a Chinese student, Coco (Yao) and a Parisian lady (Weissbecker) , JC gives it all to locate these relics.

Just like Jackie Chan’s previous film, this movie is packed with action and stunts busted out by his crew, the incredible cast, and the man himself. The storyline is not exactly a masterpiece, the movie is lighthearted, set as film suitable for children and adults alike. It was straightforward, and meant to be entertaining. The main thing that I would like to point out is Chan’s dedication in this film, from his direction, to the stunt choreography, to his own performance. I think I’m mainly impressed by his stunt performances in this film. Although he busted out his signature moves, of incorporating everyday objects into his fights, maneuvering around them, using them as props, etc. but you could really see the complexity of the fights, and his efforts into making them look flawless on screen. His eye for the fight scenes, some were simple and plain fun, and some were just insane. I think one of the main things I didn’t quite enjoy in the film is the music, at parts it was just too much for the moment.

Overall, this movie isn’t meant to be complicated, or smart even, it’s just your everyday action packed film, that’s meant to be fun and entertaining. If you’re a fan of Jackie’s stunts and fights, this is one not to be missed. You could really see he gives it all in every scene.

Rating: 5 ½ out of 10


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