Across the Universe (2007)

Across the Universe (2007)

Running Time: 133 minutes

ImagePhoto Credit: Columbia Pictures

Directed by: Julie Taymor

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs

Across the Universe is a musical romantic drama set in the 1960s. The storyline was told through songs by The Beatles. Through the main characters, Jude (Jim Sturgess), and Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), the audiences are introduced to the history and life in the 1960s to 1970s (i.e. anti-war protests, civil rights, mind exploration, etc.).  The story began with Jude, a young shipyard worker from Liverpool who jumps ship in America, in search of his father. It was there, that Jude meets the rebellious student, Max and is later introduced to Lucy, Max’s sister, and Jude finds himself immediately attracted to her.

So, some said that if you’re a fan of The Beatles, you would love this film, some said otherwise. For me, I won’t call myself a fan per say, but I do love their songs, I was quite surprised by the movie and I have to say I do love it. I’m not sure where to begin, from the amazing vocals provided by the cast as well as some cameos (Bono, Joe Crocker), to the vibrant and rich colors which to me, portrayed and represented the 60s and the psychedelic experiences quite well. The cinematography and editing were done very creatively to bring out the “feel” of the era and the settings, as well as the mindsets that the characters were in. For me, I specifically love the scene where the characters were introduced to Mr Kite, where they were seen swimming/floating around the screen of blue, especially the reference to the photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken by Annie Leibovitz. Not to forget, the dance choreography was simple yet just perfect for the scenes, the one that really made an impression on me was when Joe Anderson covered the song, “Happiness is a Warm Gun.” Furthermore, the actors delivered a convincing and heartwarming performance, regardless whether they were singing or just reciting lines of dialogues in the scenes.

Overall, I would say, this film was quite refreshing with wonderful use of colors, editing, choreography, cinematography, and the ability to pick and piece together songs from various albums by The Beatles. A must watch!

Rating: 8 out of 10



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