Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Freedom Writers (2007)

Freedom Writers (2007)
Running Time: 122 minutes

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Richard LaGravenese
Starring: Hilary Swank, Patrick Dempsey, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton

The movie is based on the book “The Freedom Writers Diary” by Erin Gruwell who wrote it based on Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in California. The movie was set between the years 1994-1996 and the story began with a student narrating about the segregation of racial groups within the country. It then follows a new and enthusiastic teacher, Erin Gruwell who joined Woodrow Wilson High School as an English teacher for freshmen and sophomore students. However, her enthusiasm was quickly challenged when she realized the conditions and life the students of her class were facing. The movie continues to tell the tale of Erin’s attempts to get through to her students and to give them hope and inspire change amongst them.

I think the film was inspiring and heartfelt, regardless of your background or your age, the story will tug on your heartstrings as it dwells deeper into the stories of the students and teachers. With constant close-up shots of the faces of the actors, it brought the emotions and characters alive, and in the end, you just can’t help but empathize with what the characters were going through. Hilary Swank did a wonderful job leading the cast and guiding the audiences along, while Imelda Staunton played a convincing, experienced school teacher who had always obeyed the rules and regulations and was set in her ways and methods of teaching. But ultimately, it was the group of young actors who completed and sealed the finishing touches to the story. The editor did a great job fitting the pieces of puzzles together to make the story coherent and smoothly paced without any unnecessary details or moments.

Overall, I think this movie is great for audiences of any age, and especially for individuals who inspire to be an educator someday, this will be one of the perfect films.

Rating: 7 out of 10



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